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The “Light up TAIWAN 4 poles Lighthouse Cycling Tour”event series take the 4-pole lighthouses in Taiwan as the event theme. South pole – Eluanbi lighthouse, East pole – Sandiaojiao lighthouse, North pole – Fuguijiao lighthouse, and the mysterious West pole – Guosheng lighthouse. Via either short-distance fun ride or mid/long-distance challenge ride, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and casual feel of the lighthouses.

Joining the event get limited souvenirs. We welcome family people to explore Taiwan and see the beauty of its 4 poles!


Jul.27th (Sat.) East Pole – Sandiaojiao Lighthouse (Completed)

Northeast Coast Pole Point Cycling Tour Route: NEYC Visitor Center (Start) – Fulong rail station – Tsaoling Old
Tunnel Cycling Route – Shicheng view deck – No.2 Highway Ringed Bikeway – Lailai wave-cut platform – Sijiaoku view deck – Sandiaojiao – Magang fishing port – Maoao fishing village – NEYC Visitor Center (Finish). Total distance 25 kms.
25km Entry
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Aug.10th (Sat.) West Pole – Guosheng Port Lighthouse (Completed)

Chigu Salt Farm Cycling Tour Route: Taiwan Salt Museum (Start) – No.176 Highway – Longshan
Te m p l e – N o . S o u t h 3 1 H i g h w a y – L i o u ko n g w h a r f – Guoshenggang Lighthouse – Black-faced Spoonbill Ecology Exhibition Hall – No. South 38 Highway – No.176 Highway – Taiwan Salt Museum (Finish). Total distance 36kms.
36km Entry
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Aug.11th (Sun.) West Coast Beachside Village (Completed)

West Coast Beachside Village Cycling Tour Route: Kouhu Visitor Center (Start) – Yiwu flood pond – Chinhu Wanshanyeh Temple – Fisher Association – Dongfangfabai ve te r a n’s h o u s e – Po t z u l i a o Wa l l Pa i n t i n g V i l l a g e – Mingchingjan Bakery – Kouxin black mullet shop – Kouhu Visitor
Center (Finish). Total distance 35kms.
35km Entry
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Oct.12rd (Sat.) South Pole – Eluanbi Lighthouse (Completed)

Eluanbi-Chialosui LOHAS Cycling Tour Route: Eluanbi Lighthouse Square (Start) – Kenting Guesthouse –
Longpan Park – Fengchueisha – Manchou Police Station – Aboriginal Pavilion (water feeding spot) – Manchou Township Office – Gangkou suspension bridge – Eluanbi Lighthouse Square (Finish). Total distance 42 kms.
42km Entry
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Nov.16st (Sat.) North Pole – Fugueijiao Lighthouse (Completed)

North Coast Pole Point Cycling Tour Route A: Jhongjiao Bay Visitor Center(Start) – Huanggang Fishing Port
– North Coast Cycling Route – Jhongjiao Bay – Shimen Stone Arch – Kite Park (Water feeding) – Laomei Green Reef – Wind Art Camp – Fugueijiao Lighthouse – Fuji Fishing Port – Liu’s Riceball – Temple of Eighteen Deities (Shi Ba Wang Gong) –
Jhongjiao Bay Visitor Center(Finish). Total distance 32kms.
Route B: Jhongjiao Bay Visitor Center(Start) – North Coast Cycling Route – Chingshui Wetland – Chinshan Youth Activity Center – Fude Temple – Mark’s Yard – Wetland Wooden Walkway – Dingliao (6.5K Halfway return) – Nuclear Power Plant 2 – Yehliou Geological Park – Gueihou Fishing Port Gazebo (Return point) – Jhongjiao Bay Visitor Center (Finish). Total distance 23kms.


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※ Actual routes of above Light up Taiwan 4 poles lighthouse cycling tour sub-events are subject to change. Please refer to the latest updates announced on the website.


  • Fun Ride series: 20 to 40-km casual cycling routes good for public and families riding and enjoying scenery.




  • Activity Passport Manual [ download ]